Promote your startup

We have recently launched this new feature, which gives you 4 ways to promote your startups & businesses.

  • You can create an entry for your startup, seen by all member/non-members visiting to this website.
  • As soon as you create this entry, there comes the like button at the bottom of your startup. People like it and your startup's story gets published on their timeline and seen by their friends.
  • There is the option of people commenting on your startup's entry here, you'll be notified to reply to these comments and engage users.
  • Most importantly you can request to get your startup placed in the featured startup and you get a banner add on the website, directly linking to your startup's website/Facebook page.

Just create an entry for your startup here, it would not take more than few minutes and immediately you can get the benefits of the first three points above. For the featured startups, you can go to My Startups in the user menu (in the top right corner), click on your startup and go to the edit tab. You will see the button to place a request for 'Featured startup' in the right hand side column.