Packtup is online moving platform which makes home relocation radically easy and convenient.

Packtup is a new online moving platform that simplifies the entire moving experience from start to finish. Packtup lets home owners create an online inventory of their household, and compare pricing and booking of moving companies, which have all been screened and approved by the team.
Packtup enables you to search for the perfect moving company for your needs. Simply choose your current home size from the perfect drop down box on Packtup homepage. You can list choose to list typical furniture, box sizes and quantities for your size home. For complicated moves Packtup send’s home consultation member to get on-the-spot quotes from movers.
With the help of Packtup you can compare moving services to know their price, moving estimates, customer reviews and service before you decide which company that you will use. That will give you more options and more information about the quality. It gives you more convenience to your moving experience.


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